End of Week Review 8/30/2020

This week I buckled down on unnecessary spending. I cancelled my audible account that I don’t use, kept myself from buying food not necessary and on the list, and started using the 72 hour rule, where you put something in your cart for 72 hours and if you don’t think you really need it, you don’t buy it. Especially when it comes to online shopping.

My loader finally is understanding that I’m trying to lose weight and has slowed down on the “offering me food” campaign. Also buying less junk food helps.My ideal weight is around 165 so I am under 20 pounds away. So if I can continue losing a pound and a half a week, I’ll be at my target by the end of October. My only thought is that I don’t know my muscle gain/fat loss crossover point. I know at a certain point, you start gaining muscle weight and that overcomes the fat loss. Hopefully that day is just around the corner. But acorrding to the BMI charts, I am officially not overweight! And that alone is a mission success. Anything beyond to get to my median healthy weight is a plus. The secondary goal is to get to 165.

I know August was a slow weight loss month for me but I did also eat a lot of birthday cake since I turned 28 this month. Let’s hope that the next couple months start to look a lot better.

Total Assets: $42,272.96
Total Liabilities: -$34,818.23
Net Worth: $7,453.97
Weekly Change:+$1,336.88
August Change:+$1,230.09
YTD change:+$12,866.04

Weight: 178.2 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.0 lbs
August Change:-2.2 lbs
YTD Change:-27.3 lbs

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