End of Week Review 2/28/20

Man… Even with getting paid, this market correction/ Coronavirus/ political scare is making that net worth drop. If I took out my retirement account and investments, I’d actually look a lot better. But this is a prefect example of being greedy when others are fearful. Selling investments at a time like this would make me lose so much money in the long run. The market will come back, and likely exceed our last peak. Good thing I got paid this week.

My health this week has been like the markets. I caught whatever bug was going around and I only went to the gym once this week. Today. Fortunately, my job forces me to be physical. The last 2 days I’ve hit at least 15,000 steps, but the previous 3 had under 5,000 each. My apartment is only so big and only so many trips, to make tea and soup and food that would agree with me, gave me steps. Out of sheer boredom, I scoured amazon prime to find a workout video to at least get me to do something active. All that did was cause me to have issues breathing and feeling dizzy. But hey, according to my Fitbit, I burned 80 Calories during the workout and another 40 during the dizzy spell/ breathing panic attack. Apparently I also don’t eat a lot when I feel sick so I guess… small victories. Biggest weekly weight loss so far.

Total Assets: $34,913.37
Total Liabilities: -$42,647.99
Net Worth: -$7,734.62

Weight: 200.6 lbs
Change: -3.2 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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