I’m not a runner

So for a little over 2 months I’ve been regularly going to the gym about 5 times a week. Seeing as I’m not a gym person, or a knowledgeable workout person, I’ve been working on my shoulders and arms seeing as they are my weak points. My regular routine is (and feel free to tell me how much of an idiot I am) is 10 minutes on a bike, doing about 20 minutes of machines that focus on my arms, shoulders, & chest and then walk for about 45-60 minutes. I focus on the walking because I’m a competitive person and with the insurance I have through my employer, we have monthly step challenges, and I want to win. But I’m always behind 2 of my coworkers who are runners and one of them runs 10 miles a day. Every day.

I’ve hit a plateau with walking because I can get close to 10,000 steps in that time, but I feel like I’m no longer improving. Today I thought, the hell with it, what’s so hard about running? All you do is move your legs faster and breathe a lot harder. Side note: I’m the kind of person that usually would say, “I only run if I’m being chased by a bear.” and laugh at what a waste of time it is to run just to run. I would like to formally apologize to any runners I’ve ever made fun of except the ones who decide that stoplights and stop signs don’t apply to them. I tried to sporadically run a mile seeing as I knew I would be struggling. I’d walk for a bit and then run a bit until I got to a mile. That mile was the worst. But, looking at the analytics from my Fitbit, I’ve never burned more calories in such a short amount of time, except when I’ve been pulling ropes for a show. Especially making the snow happen for 8 minutes during the Nutcracker Ballet on the fly rail. I could literally feel my heart in my eyeballs after that. I’m going to give this running thing a chance, mainly because I’m motivated to get in shape seeing as last week I lost that 1.2 pounds.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll turn into that 10 mile a day runner and destroy the monthly competition at work. I’m in it to not just win it, but crush it.

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