End of Week Review 2/14/20

This was a good week. So far this has been the best week for forward progress. This has been the biggest jump up of my net worth, and the most I’ve lost in a single week. I know I’m just starting out on my weight loss, and net worth gains, but I’m totally riding thisContinue reading “End of Week Review 2/14/20”

End of Week Review 1/10/20

I am not bothered that my net worth dropped this week. This week I luckily didn’t have any major bills, but I also get paid bi-weekly, so I only had “income” from investments to offset any more negative change. However, I have felt much better physically, especially since I have pushed myself a little moreContinue reading “End of Week Review 1/10/20”

End of Week Review 1/3/20

This week I went to the gym a couple times, but got stuck doing stationary work at my job. I stopped buying some of the more unhealthy snacks I usually eat, but didn’t expect to see much change in my weight after a week.I fell into the gift card trap where I had a $40Continue reading “End of Week Review 1/3/20”