February 2023 Review

Starting to get back on track! Besides the first week of February, I was down around 1 lb/week! I’m trying my level best to keep this trend going. My food spending this month doesn’t reflect that, but a lot of that spending was trying a lot of different things for my wife since she isContinue reading “February 2023 Review”

January 2023 Review

This month has been one hurdle after another. I threw out my back, and my wife was diagnosed with a disease that causes her esophagus to be constantly inflamed. so she’s been on a liquid diet for 3 weeks now. And while the insurance company and pharmacy try to figure out this weird drug, weContinue reading “January 2023 Review”

December/ Year End 2022

December was definitely a range of emotions and surprises. This is the first Holiday season without my Grandfather and Aunt as they both passed in early 2022, so I tried to eat my grief, and I’ll let you in on a secret, cookies don’t make you less sad. That was also coupled with a thrownContinue reading “December/ Year End 2022”

November 2022 Review

This month has been a more relaxed month for me. Only 4 show days, not including the 3 weeks of daily rehearsals for my freelance lighting design for a high school production of ‘Bring It On: The Musical’. Luckily it has forced me to plan my lunch and dinner to be on the go soContinue reading “November 2022 Review”

October 2022 Review

This month, my investments stayed about even from last month, so the increase in net worth is from watching ,y spending and paying down debt! I did spend a lot on going out to eat, but I did have a lot of gig that I had to travel for, which is offset by per diem.Continue reading “October 2022 Review”

September 2022 Review

So last month, I went through my spreadsheet and it seems Some new accounts I’ve added were not in my total net worth. I found a retirement account from an old job which shot me up $3,000, but because I was trying to see what the student loan forgiveness would do for me, I forgotContinue reading “September 2022 Review”

June 2022 Review

I know we aren’t technically in a recession right now, but it is starting to feel like it. My retirement portfolio went from $31,000 to $29,000 this month. I also had to pay minimums on all debt this month because I had to drop a little over $2,000 between repairs on my car (new tires,Continue reading “June 2022 Review”