January 2021 Review

Well 2021 started and things didn’t magically get better. I wonder why people always put some much weight on the start of a new year. “New year, new me…” More like “New year, new gym membership I’ll go to maybe 3 times and forget I had it and ended up paying tons just because…”. IContinue reading “January 2021 Review”

December/ 2020 Review

This year has definitely been a roller coaster. I was fortunate to have employment throughout the pandemic, granted I changed jobs several times to get where I am now. Hopefully I’ll be able to return to my old job once things clam down. I was able to spend less money and tackle some big debt.Continue reading “December/ 2020 Review”

November End of Month Review

I’VE GAINED A FIGURE! I’ve put on a ton more workload since the holidays are approaching. I now work 6 day weeks with 12 hour days. Seeing that my life is now working and sleeping, I rarely have time to write and track my life weekly. Plus the only interesting thing in my daily lifeContinue reading “November End of Month Review”

End of Week Review 11/1/2020

This week the stock market took a dip which is the downside to doing these weekly check-ins. Who knows maybe today everything will bounce back and the $500 dip in my net worth will all be back. Or it could get worse. Still not going to touch that money. I am still going to investContinue reading “End of Week Review 11/1/2020”

End of Week Review 10/4/2020

This week I was a bit more deliberate in my spending. Partly because I was busier working on this show so I don’t have free time to think about shopping and I’m only buying essentials for food. Last week I splurged on food when I shouldn’t have. Especially since the splurge wasn’t healthy food. LazinessContinue reading “End of Week Review 10/4/2020”

End of Week Review 9/28/2020

I didn’t even realize that I missed a week last week. I was handed a gig! So I’ve been binge designing lighting for “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” which is a musical about kids in a spelling bee. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. But it has now taken almost all of myContinue reading “End of Week Review 9/28/2020”

End of Week Review 9/14/2020

My wife and I have been talking about the virus and have decided to stock up on the stuff that became hard to find during the first run of the pandemic. So We both dropped a decent chunk of change on all of the necessities so we don’t run out of the essentials. I mightContinue reading “End of Week Review 9/14/2020”

End of Week Review 8/30/2020

This week I buckled down on unnecessary spending. I cancelled my audible account that I don’t use, kept myself from buying food not necessary and on the list, and started using the 72 hour rule, where you put something in your cart for 72 hours and if you don’t think you really need it, youContinue reading “End of Week Review 8/30/2020”