End of Week Review 5/22/20

This week was a good week for me. I went through my statements to see what useless crap I was wasting money on. I was able to cut out a few subscriptions and pinpoint where I was pissing away my money. And my biggest issue has been online shopping. So to make it more difficult,Continue reading “End of Week Review 5/22/20”

End of Week Review 5/15/2020

This week was a lot of spending and not eating well. I’ll admit it. I was lazy and now am seeing the aftermath of choosing to be lazy with my choices. I ate way too much bad stuff and since the state of Wisconsin is now opened up, I stocked up on a lot ofContinue reading “End of Week Review 5/15/2020”

End of Week Review 5/8/2020

Winner winner chicken dinner. SO In the chaos of hiring new people, My boss and I both forgot about the direct deposit form while I filled out the new hire paperwork. So I got 2 weeks of back pay today and my investments are seeing more recovery. I would probably have lost another 2 poundsContinue reading “End of Week Review 5/8/2020”

End of Week Review 5/1/2020

This week was hectic. I had all of my car’s maintenance schedules line up. Oil change, new air and cabin filters, and spark plugs for both my car and my wife’s car. Surprisingly that set me back a decent amount of money. But my “former” employer got an SBA loan but doesn’t have any workContinue reading “End of Week Review 5/1/2020”

End of Week Review 4/24/20

This new job is really getting me into shape. Dropping almost 4 pounds this week feels awesome. However I realized that with buying a 3D printer, comes the need to buy expendables. I have so many things I want to print and seeing that everyone who is stuck home with a 3D printer is buyingContinue reading “End of Week Review 4/24/20”

End of Week Review 4/17/20 (delayed)

Another week of double(-ish) pay and finding a more active job. This week I started at Fedex and I wouldn’t say it’s kicking my ass entirely, but I definitely come home with my ass dragging almost an inch form the ground. And because I went from 3rd shift to 1st, I totally forgot what dayContinue reading “End of Week Review 4/17/20 (delayed)”

End of Week Review 4/10/2020

This week was quite the surge for my finances. I got paid from my previous job seeing as they are riding an SBA loan/grant and from the grocery store. So I got paid double what I normally did. My investments bounced back by quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve seen my totalContinue reading “End of Week Review 4/10/2020”

End of Week Review 4/4/2020

Better late than never. Working 3rd shift has gotten me lost on what day of the week it is. All I have done for the last week is work, sleep, and online shop with my local stores to get food and other household goods. I have plenty of toilet paper (I’m not hoarding it) andContinue reading “End of Week Review 4/4/2020”

End of Week Review 3/27/20

All of my gains this week were from the market starting to bounce back and I got my last full paycheck from my regular job. And I vegged out a lot while waiting to start my new temporary job. Seeing as my new job is more active than my previous job, and there isn’t freeContinue reading “End of Week Review 3/27/20”

End of Week Review 3/20/20

So last week I forgot to mention the extra money I had from my tax refund. that was $1,100. Now that’s out of the way, I tried so hard not to panic and buy all the things, but I did go grocery shopping multiple times to get the things I wanted when they were inContinue reading “End of Week Review 3/20/20”