November End of Month Review

I’VE GAINED A FIGURE! I’ve put on a ton more workload since the holidays are approaching. I now work 6 day weeks with 12 hour days. Seeing that my life is now working and sleeping, I rarely have time to write and track my life weekly. Plus the only interesting thing in my daily lifeContinue reading “November End of Month Review”

End of Week Review 5/22/20

This week was a good week for me. I went through my statements to see what useless crap I was wasting money on. I was able to cut out a few subscriptions and pinpoint where I was pissing away my money. And my biggest issue has been online shopping. So to make it more difficult,Continue reading “End of Week Review 5/22/20”

Tip Yourself: A different take on saving

This week I started using an app called Tip Yourself which allows you to have your own personal tip jar (aka savings account). You can tip yourself for doing something or, like I am doing, put money you saved from sales and coupons. You’ll see in the pictures that I have literally just started. TheContinue reading “Tip Yourself: A different take on saving”