End of Week Review 9/14/2020

My wife and I have been talking about the virus and have decided to stock up on the stuff that became hard to find during the first run of the pandemic. So We both dropped a decent chunk of change on all of the necessities so we don’t run out of the essentials. I mightContinue reading “End of Week Review 9/14/2020”

End of Week Review 9/7/2020

I think I have found the downside to how I look at my net worth. I went out this week to get some tools for my garage and they aren’t being included in my net worth. Granted it is hard to determine the actual worth of tools and appliances after they are used. So althoughContinue reading “End of Week Review 9/7/2020”

End of Week Review 8/30/2020

This week I buckled down on unnecessary spending. I cancelled my audible account that I don’t use, kept myself from buying food not necessary and on the list, and started using the 72 hour rule, where you put something in your cart for 72 hours and if you don’t think you really need it, youContinue reading “End of Week Review 8/30/2020”

End of Week Review 8/22/2020

This week wasn’t much to write home about. It started out with one of my Prosper notes being charged off. Which means the person didn’t make payments for over 120 days so it is going to be sold off to another organisation and maybe I’ll get some money back. So I started off losing almostContinue reading “End of Week Review 8/22/2020”

End of Week Review 8/16/2020

I forgot what day it was until I realized it was my day off so this is late by a couple of days. My birthday was last week and I asked for Amazon gift cards. (amazon is my weakness). so I ended up spending more than I should have. I have now gotten rid ofContinue reading “End of Week Review 8/16/2020”

End of Week Review 8/8/2020

Man, my investments soared this week and were definitely a big player in my net worth gain. But that also means that they could tank tomorrow. I should be getting a bonus at work in the next week or so and I’m considered “full time” now so I should see a bump in pay. MyContinue reading “End of Week Review 8/8/2020”

End of Week Review 7/31/2020

I got really bored this week and added a YTD change column in my net worth spreadsheet. If I get even more bored, I’ll add a monthly change column. Although the double pay period is over for me, I’m still happy to see a slow and steady change in my net worth. After a coupleContinue reading “End of Week Review 7/31/2020”

End of Week Review 7/25/2020

Slow and steady wins the race. Luckily because My landlord had a deal where if we sign our lease early we get $300 off our August rent, I’ll be able to throw an extra $100 at my debt. I’m really hoping this PPP loan extension happens, mainly being selfish, but it would help a greatContinue reading “End of Week Review 7/25/2020”

End of Week Review 7/17/2020

Can’t have a positive without a negative. My phone died and I had to fork over $600 to get a new one. But. But. BUT! Instead of paying down some credit card debt, I paid off my car. I ran the numbers and found that having the extra $300/ month to tackle debt with wouldContinue reading “End of Week Review 7/17/2020”

End of Week Review 7/11/2020

The heat wave finally broke! I was only mildly sweating my ass off at work. I also have a new best doggo friend. He’s a golden retriever who is ancient and blind. When he hears my truck pull up he starts waddling with his bad hips towards me. I get close to him and heContinue reading “End of Week Review 7/11/2020”