April 2021 Review

Besides going back to my old and preferred job, this month was pretty boring. Moderna shot round 2 took me out for the last 3 days of the month completely. the only part of me that didn’t have struggles is the injection site. Luckily the boring life I had means that I didn’t waste money.Continue reading “April 2021 Review”

January 2021 Review

Well 2021 started and things didn’t magically get better. I wonder why people always put some much weight on the start of a new year. “New year, new me…” More like “New year, new gym membership I’ll go to maybe 3 times and forget I had it and ended up paying tons just because…”. IContinue reading “January 2021 Review”

December/ 2020 Review

This year has definitely been a roller coaster. I was fortunate to have employment throughout the pandemic, granted I changed jobs several times to get where I am now. Hopefully I’ll be able to return to my old job once things clam down. I was able to spend less money and tackle some big debt.Continue reading “December/ 2020 Review”

November End of Month Review

I’VE GAINED A FIGURE! I’ve put on a ton more workload since the holidays are approaching. I now work 6 day weeks with 12 hour days. Seeing that my life is now working and sleeping, I rarely have time to write and track my life weekly. Plus the only interesting thing in my daily lifeContinue reading “November End of Month Review”

End of Week Review 11/1/2020

This week the stock market took a dip which is the downside to doing these weekly check-ins. Who knows maybe today everything will bounce back and the $500 dip in my net worth will all be back. Or it could get worse. Still not going to touch that money. I am still going to investContinue reading “End of Week Review 11/1/2020”

End of Week Review 10/27/2020

So life is crazy. After a couple Covid scares and a wild rollercoaster of emotions that lasted a couple weeks, I finally have the mental capacity to catch up with this. With all of the stress may have been some stress eating so I added on a couple pounds. However I did land a newContinue reading “End of Week Review 10/27/2020”

End of Week Review 10/4/2020

This week I was a bit more deliberate in my spending. Partly because I was busier working on this show so I don’t have free time to think about shopping and I’m only buying essentials for food. Last week I splurged on food when I shouldn’t have. Especially since the splurge wasn’t healthy food. LazinessContinue reading “End of Week Review 10/4/2020”

End of Week Review 9/28/2020

I didn’t even realize that I missed a week last week. I was handed a gig! So I’ve been binge designing lighting for “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” which is a musical about kids in a spelling bee. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. But it has now taken almost all of myContinue reading “End of Week Review 9/28/2020”