When You Work for a Unicorn

Back in August I asked for a raise as I took on more responsibilities and projects, and slowly learned that several of my co workers that have been here around the same amount of time, but do considerably less work, were getting paid more than me. Because there was a potential bill that was goingContinue reading “When You Work for a Unicorn”

September 2021 review

My wife and I made the decision to invest in a sleep number bed and I struggled with the idea of including that in my assets column of my net worth statement but it is a long term item that cost 3k so its not like I blew it on short term indulgences. I wasContinue reading “September 2021 review”

Looking at paying down debt

If you search or ask how to pay down debt the fastest, You’ll probably hear about 2 methods; Snowball & Avalanche. Both sides have their highly devoted fans. I personally prefer the Avalanche, but understand the mental benefits of the Snowball. I have a few friends that think I’m insane for not believing in theContinue reading “Looking at paying down debt”

New Year, Same Goals

As someone who never gets to celebrate holidays, on the day they are set, I actually get to relax for New Years. I usually work on the 4th of July, Memorial day, Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. It usually takes me a month to get to me celebrate my birthday. Looking on social media,Continue reading “New Year, Same Goals”