It is so hard to make progress when you don’t have goals set. And the funny thing is that they don’t have to be huge goals that are detailed to the 100 page-single spaced- super fine print level of detail. My goals are broadly simple. Get healthier, and get better financially. As I’ve gone along, these goals have gotten more refined. Healthy started from “lose weight because I’m sick of the muffin top spilling out of my jeans” to being more mindful about what I’m eating (still struggle with chocolate/peanut butter sweets), and being more active.

Here I have a layout of my goals and checkpoints. I’ve stolen some of the Financial checkpoints from several other blogs and gurus.


  • <200 lbs 4/2020
  • <190 lbs 5/2020
  • <180lbs
  • <170lbs
  • 165lbs!
  • Able to have palms flat on the floor
  • able to be “hockey goalie flexible again”
  • reduce junk food
  • no fast food since: 3/20/20


  • Net worth Zero 06/2020
  • Net worth $1,000 06/2020
  • Net worth $10,000 12/2020
  • Consumer debt free
  • Student Loan debt free
  • Debt Free!
  • 3 month Emergency Fund
  • 1 year Emergency Fund
  • FU Money
  • Net worth $100,000
  • Half FI $375,000
  • Lean FI $500,000
  • FI $750,000
  • Fat Fi $1,000,000

Questions? Comments? Jokes? Random facts about dogs?

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