End of Week Review 7/11/2020

The heat wave finally broke! I was only mildly sweating my ass off at work. I also have a new best doggo friend. He’s a golden retriever who is ancient and blind. When he hears my truck pull up he starts waddling with his bad hips towards me. I get close to him and he bumps into me. He then pushes against me for guidance as we walk to the front door and I give him several treats and scratches. When I go to leave he whines and cries until he find his way to his bed on the front porch, where he lays down to watch the days go by.

Anyways, I got my lump sum payout from the remainder of my old job’s PPP loan. So that’s where my jump in 3k came from. And all that money will crush a good chunk of the remaining credit card debt I have.

Total Assets: $41,042.74
Total Liabilities: -$36,797.36
Net Worth: $4,245.38

Weight: 181.0 lbs
Change: -1.5 lbs

End of Week Review 7/4/2020

Mna was it hot out this week. Usually I’m running to doors and back to the truck and getting a lot of 1 minute cardio. But that hasn’t happened this week. It has been over 90 degrees with hundreds of percents of humidity. I start sweating from the moment I walk out my door. So I have not been as active this week.

Money this week has been a roller coaster. Apparently I had an Insufficient funds issues in my checking when paying rent because I added an extra zero when it typed in how much I’d like to pay. And currently I don’t have enough in my checking to pay for 10 months of rent in one go. Life goals some day. So I had a mini heart attack until I looked into everything and called my landlord to make sure I wasn’t getting us kicked out. Otherwise same old same old.

Total Assets: $37,866.02
Total Liabilities: -$36,686.63
Net Worth: $1,179.39

Weight: 182.5 lbs
Change: -0.3 lbs

Mental Health in a Pandemic Crisis

Next week I’ll be having my first appointment with a therapist. I had a near mental breakdown earlier this week and realized that I was pushing all of my stresses about losing my “non-essential” job and finding a new job, hating the third shift and finding another new job, the pandemic, the current political and economic issues, and just the stresses of working all day, having 2 hours before I fall asleep and an hour of that is cooking. It all started to boil over.

I’ve never done any sort of therapy besides physical and retail therapy. I have no idea what to expect but obviously I need to find a good outlet to my problems instead of drowning them out with watching tv and scrolling through social media (which isn’t helping all of my anxiety and stress).

I’ve done some reading on what to expect and things to think about, but every time I prepare for something, I get overconfident in a bad way and then I am blindsided by what reality is.

I’ve been putting off my mental health for too long and finally have to raise the white flag of defeat in the battle of avoiding my problems. And from what research has shown about people who have had concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, suicide, abuse are very common and are rarely dealt with. I don’t want to be a statistic. I want to find healthy ways to keep myself going until I am that old man on my front porch in the rocking chair yelling at the kids to get off my lawn.

End of Week Review 6/27/2020

This week I definitely got to sweat out the pounds. The humidity was brutal and most of my routes were in town so I couldn’t enjoy the 55 mph winds from country roads. I’ve been working on how to do a “truck workout” while I wait for my last pickup at the end of my day. I usually get an hour of downtime every day and although I’ve been going through the extended Lord of the Rings Movies, I thought that I should probably be more efficient in the little time I have.

The PPP loan my old job has hit a snag. Apparently the terms of the “loan have been changing, so the double pay has stopped and once they get everything figured out, I’ll get a lump sum at the end. I’m very excited for that to come through so I can knock down my highest interest credit card and be really on top of my debt. Knocking out that credit card will give me an extra $350/ month to tackle the next thing and eventually be debt free!

Total Assets: $36,412.80
Total Liabilities: -$35,647.87
Net Worth: $764.93

Weight: 182.8 lbs
Change: -2.0 lbs

End of Week Review 6/19/2020

Yay another week of bills and market slumps. I know that a $450 dip in net worth is not much, and nothing to worry about. Especially seeing that I made a reduction in my debts of over $600. I am trying out the Trim app to see what they can negotiate for me. I have had no luck getting my Internet bill down so I gave them a shot. I was paying almost $75 a month and they got that down to $50 (plus 33% of the savings they got me as a fee $8) That a total savings of just peeking over $200 over the course of a year. This week my goal is ot call my credit card companies and try to negotiate my rate down. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be trying Trim premium to get them to negotiate for me. But if I can keep buckling down on my debt like I have, cutting the interest rate won’t do too much. Besides the now $7,000 in CC debt, all I have left is my car loan and student loans (all below 4%).

With the heat and humidity we’ve had here in Wisconsin, I literally sweat out the 1.2 pounds that I’ve dropped. It was not fun. Usually on my route, I’m running to doors and back to my truck, I couldn’t even do that without getting overheated. Good news is that when I get overheated, I’m less likely to eat a ton so my lunches have had less snacks and garbage in them. I’m also down to the weight I was when I graduated college. The only reason I remember that is because at my job, we had gotten a new load cell for measuring weight on a given hoist. I rang in at 184.9. So anything beyond this number is putting me at a better weight than I think I have ever been in my adult life. Except for when I ran out of money my freshman year and was too proud to ask my parents for food and money and did the whole “poor college kid/ starving artist/ ramen noodles” thing.

Total Assets: $36,189.62
Total Liabilities: -$35,569.04
Net Worth: $620.58

Weight: 184.8 lbs
Change: -1.2 lbs

End of Week Review 6/12/2020

It rained a lot in the last week which in turn made me lazy. I rarely hit my step goal because Instead of getting soaked, I backed my truck up to every house to decrease my time in the rain. I greatly dislike rain. It would be better if it was snow instead of water droplets.

On the financial front not much happened as far as growth. I had to do my regular maintenance on my car (oil change, tire rotation, filters) and because I don’t have the means to do most of that myself, I have to pay for someone else to do it. Someday I’ll have my dream garage with a lift and everything. Need the house first.

Total Assets: $37,267.17
Total Liabilities: -$36,196.81
Net Worth: $1,070.36

Weight: 186.0 lbs
Change: -1.0 lbs

End of Week Review 6/5/2020


I hit a positive net worth this week! The market has rallied back some money to me and on top of that, I’m almost half way paid down on my credit cards!. Only a little over $8,000 to go. And I’m looking to have that gone hopefully before thanksgiving, or maybe Halloween if I can play my cards right.

My boss asked me where I see myself in 5 years if my old job doesn’t make it through the coronavirus problem. Which for the live entertainment industry, is a very real worry. I joked and said, “Probably 33 years old, and probably still working”. At this point I have no reason to find another job unless something much much better comes along. Right now I work 6 days a week, but have the option to work 5 day weeks. Average day is between 8 and 9 hours. I’m definitely fine with working 6 days a week at this point because even though everyone is out not practicing social distancing from what I’ve seen lately, my wife and I are still acting as if the “safer at home” order our governor had originally put into place was still a thing. Sadly a lawsuit from some other politicians gave that an abrupt end to the shutdown.

I do wish my truck, with over half a million miles on it, at least had a fan or the ability to adjust the heater. Instead I either need to drive faster with the doors open, or blast heat from the fires of Mt. Doom.

Total Assets: $37,011.74
Total Liabilities: -$36,196.81
Net Worth: $814.93

Weight: 188.0 lbs
Change: +0.1 lbs

End of Week Review 5/29/2020

I am so close to being worth nothing! I can’t wait to start seeing not negative numbers. Pretty soon I’ll be debt free. And by pretty soon I mean next April.

I’m surprised that I lost as much weight as I did last week. I slipped up several days by getting a free donut at my gas station for being an essential worker. Hopefully I can see what could have been if I didn’t eat those donuts.

Total Assets: $35,937.04
Total Liabilities: -$37,024.02
Net Worth: -$1,086.98

Weight: 187.9 lbs
Change: – 1.9 lbs

End of Week Review 5/22/20

This week was a good week for me. I went through my statements to see what useless crap I was wasting money on. I was able to cut out a few subscriptions and pinpoint where I was pissing away my money. And my biggest issue has been online shopping. So to make it more difficult, I’ve deleted all online shopping apps from my phone.

My goal next week is to see if I can negotiate lower interest rates with my credit cards and lower rates for my internet provider. I’m so close to being at net worth zero and I just want to blow past it and start being worth something (financially). By the end of August I should be done with my high interest debts.

Physically, I’m staring to get into shape. I’m not sore at the end of the route and I’m not huffing and puffing after running up and down driveways. I’d like to say that I’m sweating less but the bigger trucks don’t have air conditioning. I’m already ready for winter.

Total Assets: $35,471. 30
Total Liabilities: -$37,397. 79
Net Worth: -$1,926. 49

Weight: 189. 8lbs
Change: – 1.2 lbs

End of Week Review 5/15/2020

This week was a lot of spending and not eating well. I’ll admit it. I was lazy and now am seeing the aftermath of choosing to be lazy with my choices. I ate way too much bad stuff and since the state of Wisconsin is now opened up, I stocked up on a lot of essentials while we go through a second wave of this virus. So all of my paycheck this week minus the $29.14 went to preparing to not go anywhere besides work for the next couple weeks while this unfolds.

I’m still somewhat nursing my ankle and by nursing I mean eating a lot more Peanut Butter M&M’s than I really should. I made sure that when I went grocery shopping, that I didn’t get junk and sugar. Lets hope I can make up for lost time next week.

As a complete side note, I’ve come to the realization that I need a respirator for work. Not for coronavirus, but for my allergies. With how much country driving I’m doing and how much dust is being thrown into the air by plows and just general wind, I need a ventilator that I can actually use. So I’m designing my own “powered filter” using a small computer fan, make up pads and a small usb power bank. I’m currently in the sketching phase so it may be a couple weeks. The idea is to use makeup pads as a filter, and the fan will force air in, keeping me from getting too hot in the warmer weather, and allowing me to be active. Right now, I’m debating between making it an all in one capsule, or having a fanny pack box with a hose going from the filtration unit to the mask. For those who are interested, I’m using a respirator that I already have sitting around from when I had to remove theatrical lights from a middle school that has asbestos insulation on the wires. The cartridges are toast, but I just need to 3d print the connection point.

Total Assets: $33,811.34
Total Liabilities: -$37,223.68
Net Worth: -$3,412.34

Weight: 191 lbs
Change: +1.0 lbs