End of Week Review 9/7/2020

I think I have found the downside to how I look at my net worth. I went out this week to get some tools for my garage and they aren’t being included in my net worth. Granted it is hard to determine the actual worth of tools and appliances after they are used. So although my net worth dropped this week, I now have the tools to do my own oil changes, rotate tires and compress air. So in the long run, these tools will pay off with the savings on the maintenance of my car. I actually ran how long it will take the savings to pay off for the purchase of these tools. If we round up the purchase to $500, and I’m roughly saving $120 on oil changes, $200 on tire rotations, and $50 on Filters per year. Saving roughly $370 a year should balance out a little over a year. I’m working on trying to find places I’m wasting money on the convenience of not having to do the work myself.

Once again the rain slowed me down at work so I wasn’t able to get my running in. I have found a healthy peanut butter granola recipe that should help replace chips and a few other snacks.

Total Assets: $41,809.11
Total Liabilities: -$34,818.23
Net Worth: $6,990.88
Weekly Change:-$463.09
YTD change:+$12,402.95

Weight: 178.0 lbs
Weekly Change: -0.2 lbs
YTD Change:-27.5 lbs

End of Week Review 8/30/2020

This week I buckled down on unnecessary spending. I cancelled my audible account that I don’t use, kept myself from buying food not necessary and on the list, and started using the 72 hour rule, where you put something in your cart for 72 hours and if you don’t think you really need it, you don’t buy it. Especially when it comes to online shopping.

My loader finally is understanding that I’m trying to lose weight and has slowed down on the “offering me food” campaign. Also buying less junk food helps.My ideal weight is around 165 so I am under 20 pounds away. So if I can continue losing a pound and a half a week, I’ll be at my target by the end of October. My only thought is that I don’t know my muscle gain/fat loss crossover point. I know at a certain point, you start gaining muscle weight and that overcomes the fat loss. Hopefully that day is just around the corner. But acorrding to the BMI charts, I am officially not overweight! And that alone is a mission success. Anything beyond to get to my median healthy weight is a plus. The secondary goal is to get to 165.

I know August was a slow weight loss month for me but I did also eat a lot of birthday cake since I turned 28 this month. Let’s hope that the next couple months start to look a lot better.

Total Assets: $42,272.96
Total Liabilities: -$34,818.23
Net Worth: $7,453.97
Weekly Change:+$1,336.88
August Change:+$1,230.09
YTD change:+$12,866.04

Weight: 178.2 lbs
Weekly Change: -2.0 lbs
August Change:-2.2 lbs
YTD Change:-27.3 lbs

End of Week Review 8/22/2020

This week wasn’t much to write home about. It started out with one of my Prosper notes being charged off. Which means the person didn’t make payments for over 120 days so it is going to be sold off to another organisation and maybe I’ll get some money back. So I started off losing almost $100. I only worked 4 days in the last pay period so my pay was drastically reduced. But my retirement and other investments have kinda bounced back to cover me.

The good news is that I have finally decided to enroll at the local tech school to get a Technical Diploma in Bookkeeping so I can either find a better job, or start freelancing to start my side hustle. I’m still hoping the old job comes back and if I can start my side gig now, I’ll be able to keep it going when the world returns to normal.

Total Assets: $40,693.59
Total Liabilities: -$34,576.50
Net Worth: $6,117.09
Weekly Change:-$103.28
YTD change:+$11,529.07

Weight: 180.2 lbs
Weekly Change: -0.1 lbs
YTD Change:-25.3 lbs

Saving Money vs. Lost Opportunity

Lately, my wife and I have been trying to find things to do since the pandemic has either shut down the things we used to do, or we won’t do things because of the right they bring up. We used to love doing escape rooms, to the point that we now have to drive over an hour to get to a room we haven’t done. And most of these escape rooms are open, but seeing that many people being locked in a room, touching the same things, is a recipe for transmission, we opt to not do them.

This week we talked about going camping. I used to go camping all the time when I was in the Boy scouts and with friends and family. I haven’t been tent camping since I was 17. I mean I’ve slept in a camper backstage for a music festival or concert I was working, but that’s work and literally was there to sleep, work, and get out of the heat. We started to look at tents, and equipment, and the prices are starting to add up. and the options are slim as most sporting goods stores are trying to get rid of the crap that didn’t sell this season. August is not the time to buy a tent. The only options were the cheapest tents that (from experience) will fall apart as you set it up for the first (and last) time, or the $600-800 long term camping tents.

In come the, “I wonder how much a small pop up camper would be?”, question. Well we came upon the 2020 Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0. When someone says “tiny house” you think of a trailer with a bed and some cabinets. That’s what this thing is. The top hinges open so you can at least stand in the entrance (unless you are my 5′-0″ tall wife and then you can stand anywhere in this thing) and has a bed, some cabinets, and port holes in case you decide to bring this on a frozen lake for some ice fishing.

It is damn near, half off its retail price right now. It usually sells for $6,000 and is going for the low, low price of $3,995. We were seriously thinking about if we had the money to get it (we do) or if we should finance it. and after a couple days, I had to be the one to say no.

There is a part of me that is still on the fence. I paid off my car to free up $250 a month and if we financed it, we’d be paying $120 a month and that would slow down my debt payoff for my consumer debt and student loans. And logic and math dictate that taking on more debt, will not help pay off my current debt. The emotional side of me says that We’d finally be able to go camping and do more fun things that are socially distanced, and not expensive. (I have a WI state park pass and the nightly site fees are around $35/night). We also have bikes and access to kayaks that we’d be able to bring along with the camper.

With my current debt plan, I should be consumer debt free by the end of the year and that would free up $1,300/ month of payments. and then I’d be able to save for a couple of months or be able to buy the next level up of this camper that has heat, A/C, a fridge, outdoor grill, and water service. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is a small missed opportunity, especially when I could be starting a side hustle or saving up towards buying rental properties, but in a time where the pandemic has stopped a good majority of entertainment and stuff to do, this seems like the ticket to getting a chance to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

End of Week Review 8/16/2020

I forgot what day it was until I realized it was my day off so this is late by a couple of days. My birthday was last week and I asked for Amazon gift cards. (amazon is my weakness). so I ended up spending more than I should have. I have now gotten rid of the app on my phone and removed the saved password from my browser so I have to manually type in the password every time I want to buy something. This extra step of resistance should help with the spending. Although my current job is paying me decently, I’ve been browsing at higher paying trucking jobs so I can use this time to get everything paid down faster as well as not take as much of a toll on my body.

My loader who helps me load ther packages on the truck thinks he needs to feed me. Usually with donuts, zebra cakes, gummy bears and anything with a lot of sugar. Even if I say no thanks, he will put food in my lunch box. And well, I get bored while I wait for my last stop every day and it is super easy to eat the garbage he gives me. I’m almost to the point of throwing it away before I leave so I don’t have any chance of eating it, but then I would feel guilty for throwing away perfectly good food. especially when others out in the world are starving. I’m literally 0.3 pounds from being out of the “overweight” category in the BMI charts.

Total Assets: $40,784.22
Total Liabilities: -$34,563.85
Net Worth: $6,220.37
Weekly Change:-$3.51
YTD change:+$11,632.44

Weight: 180.3 lbs
Weekly Change: -0.1 lbs
YTD Change:-25.2 lbs

End of Week Review 8/8/2020

Man, my investments soared this week and were definitely a big player in my net worth gain. But that also means that they could tank tomorrow. I should be getting a bonus at work in the next week or so and I’m considered “full time” now so I should see a bump in pay. My boss isn’t the best at communication, so I’m sure I’ll know when the next pay stub hits. It’d be nice to know, but I already can afford to live and pay down debt every week, so anything extra will just help me run faster to being debt free.

I guess I never realized how much I run at work. This week has been rainy and not great running conditions, so I didn’t get the ol’ ticker pumping hard enough to get some cardio in. Let’s hope next week will be better conditions for losing weight.

Total Assets: $40,223.13
Total Liabilities: -$33,999.25
Net Worth: $6,223.88
Weekly Change:-+$1,329.47
YTD change:+$11,635.95

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Weekly Change: 0.0 lbs
YTD Change:-25.1lbs

End of Week Review 7/31/2020

I got really bored this week and added a YTD change column in my net worth spreadsheet. If I get even more bored, I’ll add a monthly change column. Although the double pay period is over for me, I’m still happy to see a slow and steady change in my net worth. After a couple of weeks of over $1,000 change, a couple hundred bucks here and there seems like not a lot. Taking the look at how much progress I’ve made in the last month and since January, I can say now that I’m definitely okay with the smaller changes. They do add up. I’m still going to keep at tackling my debt and growing the net worth as fast as I possibly can. And at this rate, I’ll be able to tack another $7,000 to my net worth. If this next stimulus goes through that’ll be $8,200. Which will be icing on the cake.

The same goes for weight loss. I am averaging -0.8 lbs per week. which at that rate, I’ll be down to my target healthy weight of 160 lbs by the end of the year. After talking with a friend who is into bodybuilding, he said that at a certain point, I may start gaining weight by packing on muscle. Technically he is overweight by the BMI charts. but his body fat is super low. For me, I just want to get rid of the gut and start to not put as much strain on my joints.

Total Assets: $39,263.05
Total Liabilities: -$34,852.84
Net Worth: $4,410.21
Weekly Change:-+$152.71
July Change:+$3715.02
YTD change:+$10,306.48

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Weekly Change: +0.2 lbs
July Change:-2.1lbs
YTD Change:-25.1lbs

End of Week Review 7/25/2020

Slow and steady wins the race. Luckily because My landlord had a deal where if we sign our lease early we get $300 off our August rent, I’ll be able to throw an extra $100 at my debt. I’m really hoping this PPP loan extension happens, mainly being selfish, but it would help a great many others survive this pandemic financially. I also should be getting my “end of probationary pay” raise next week. No clue how much it will be because everyone I work with sticks to the whole “don’t talk about your paycheck numbers” thing. Which is ridiculous. If I didn’t talk about my salary at my old job, I would never have know that when I was making $34,000/yr that they bumped all new hires to $35,000/yr to attract more potential hires. I went and got myself an immediate raise. I was told that if I would have waited 6 months that I’d be getting my yearly raise and the new hires wouldn’t. But 6 months of unequal pay. This is why you should talk about what you make. Sorry. Side bar over.

As it pertains to weight, It was another hot one, but I’ve also been hydrating like it is going out of style. So My guess is that some of that “gain” is water weight. Or the fact the Sports drinks have metric tonnes of sugar in it and isn’t helping my waistline. Trying the sugar free stuff to see if that helps.

Also Hockey starts back up next week. Super excited!

Total Assets: $39,263.05
Total Liabilities: -$34,852.84
Net Worth: $4,410.21

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Change: +0.2 lbs

End of Week Review 7/17/2020

Can’t have a positive without a negative. My phone died and I had to fork over $600 to get a new one. But. But. BUT! Instead of paying down some credit card debt, I paid off my car. I ran the numbers and found that having the extra $300/ month to tackle debt with would give me a better short term advantage in paying off debt. I also was able to add my wife to me car insurance which dropped our payments down a considerable amount. I was paying $92/month and she was paying $60/month. Adding her car on only added $25/month to the payment. And once we saw how that broke down, I’m actually saving $20/month on my car insurance. Still stupid phone deciding that it didn’t want to phone anymore.

Weight-wise, I will fully admit that I was a lazy piece of work this week. I still did all the physical activity for work, but I sat my ass down on the couch the second I got home. Still making progress but not as much as I’d like. Maybe I should throw away the couch and then I wouldn’t have a couch to sit on…

Total Assets: $39,114.27
Total Liabilities: -$34,856.77
Net Worth: $4,257.50

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Change: -0.6 lbs

Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode 8: The Last Route

Today is my last time running my route. I am really going to miss the dogs on my route more than anything. When I say that this is my “last route”, I mean that I’ll be coming back on an as needed basis. I usually get between Christmas and New Years off at my normal job. But I’m sure I’ll hustle and pick up the extra work.

This pandemic has been quite the roller coaster. I started as a 3rd shift grocery store stocker, delivery driver, briefly a semi driver, and back to a delivery driver. I’ve had to work outdoors in 100 degree heat index, and “feels like” -20. I’ve been chased by dogs, a goat, and given tons of dog kisses. I’ve been offered many bottles of wine. and I’ve been screamed at for doing my job. For things people ordered.

In my personal life, I’ve gone through all sorts of emotions. Worry that my job will go away forever, fear of losing my wife in her major surgery (she’s currently recovering), happiness that I’ve been able to communicate with my family more, sad that I’ve lost friends and colleagues to the virus and other issues, mad that people haven’t been taking things seriously, and hopeful that things will go back to normal.

Starting next week my route is no longer mine. I’ll be filling in on the days they aren’t training someone else on it. I am very grateful that I was offered this job not once, but twice after I realized that big rig truck driving is not my flavor. The pandemic hit the transportation industry hard. Pre-pandemic, my route would max out around 120 stops per day on a bad day. It would be 90-100 on a good day. I averaged around 120 on a good day and lately, that average has been closer to 140. I hold the company record for 231 stops in one day (Thank you holiday shoppers).

Delivery driving isn’t a bad job, but it had made me realize how much I miss my non-essential job. My passion job. I am ready to get back to live events, concerts, hell I’ll even do another underwater opera or a dance competition. I know we are a ways away from doing big festivals, but some of my small gigs are by far my favorite ones to work. I’ve missed the local people I work with once a year, and the baby ducks I see every year at my 4th of july festival. I’ll be spending the next couple of months transitioning to my old job by learning new tricks and equipment and getting back in mental shape to hit the ground running. Once the CDC and DHS give us the green light, I probably won’t have a single day off from June to September. And I’ll be loving every single moment. Except when mother nature strikes.