Starting with a change of plans

Today I was supposed to go down to visit my grandparents since I had to work when the rest of the family had the Christmas get together. I wake up to a text from my grandmother saying that she caught some sort of bug. This saves me 2-2 hour drives today, but now I don’t have anything to do. Not having anything planned is dangerous for me. I tend to resort to sitting around eating, watching TV, and slowly thinking about what I could get from Amazon with 2 day shipping.

Today I got my car cleaned because it was filthy, and went to my chiropractor appointment. Forcing myself to go to the gym this afternoon, and see what I can declutter.

I think every week, I’ll post my net worth and weight as a tracker for how I am doing. I’ll also be creating a spreadsheet to track both, with graphs.

September 2021 review

My wife and I made the decision to invest in a sleep number bed and I struggled with the idea of including that in my assets column of my net worth statement but it is a long term item that cost 3k so its not like I blew it on short term indulgences. I was fortunate that I had 2 months of per diem stacked up this month which is why in such a down month in the markets, I gained worth. I bought deeper into my investments and used the opportunity to transfer my mining spoils while Ravencoin was damn near in its lowest price. Not like it’ll save much on taxes on $10 earned. But it’s a strategy I hope to work on. I also got an $8,000 raise at the beginning of the month which is a 19% raise. I’m going to wait for the end of the year to renegotiate. I was hoping for a 25% raise but we have no clue if our industry will shut down again. I’m asking for more later because the whole company got raises across the board and when I asked it was because I’ve taken on more responsibilities than the other people making similar pay. So I didn’t get a raise equal to the amount of work load I do, which I have thoroughly quantified in many sheets in my work spreadsheet.

After being almost useless with my left hand after me accident, I stopped working out by doctors orders. Well the doc said not to use my hand and I heard it as “you don’t need to work out”. Now I have a lot of catch up to do. My goal is to lose a pound a week til the end of the year. I’m half meal planning (hard to meal plan on the road) and using co-workers to help keep me accountable in catering.

Total Assets: $60,397.21
Total Liabilities: -$39,594.68
Net Worth: $20,802.53
Monthly Change:+$1,205.92
YTD change:+$10,074.15

Weight: 187.0lbs
Monthly Change:-0.2lbs
YTD Change:+1.8 lbs

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s Off to Hash we Go

For the last week I’ve been using my laptop to mine Ravencoin (RVN). I know it isn’t making tons of money, but I’ve been able to do it while at home, work, and on the road, all in the background. And still have a useable computer.

Laptop: Lenovo Y540 (2019)
GPU: GTX 1650 (stock)

Average Hashrate: ~11MH/s
Average Daily Reward: 4.1 RVN
7 Day Reward: RVN
Price of RVN (at publish): $0.1253

Case Study Assumptions
RVN price: $0.12
Daily Energy Cost: $0.13
Daily Reward: 4.5 RVN

I would probably have averaged closer to 4.5 or 5 RVN per day, if I was running 24/7, but I had downtime when I was drawing lighting rigs for work and needed my GPU to do other work, commuting, or just had no access to Wi-Fi or data. Luckily, because I was able to use power from hotels, generators, or venues, I had even lower overhead than I would with just running this laptop 24/7 at home. It probably doesn’t amount to much seeing as if I was at home mining 24/7 I’d have a daily cost of between $0.10 and $0.18 with a rough daily revenue of $0.54, netting $0.36/day in profit.

$0.36/day doesn’t sound like a lot but for a laptop that is at the very least sitting idle or being used heavily, with these numbers, could see about $131.40 over the course of a year. Which when you think about it is almost 2 months worth of my electric bill. And if I hold the coins to the end of the year and things wildly go up or down, it could be an entirely different story. With the laptop being around $900 brand new, the yearly cost would be $47.45, and making $131.40, my rate of return would be 8.818%. An almost 9% return on something that before sat around and technically was a drag on my electric bill.

I’ve started doing research into building a mining rig, which is purpose built to mine and mine only, not be my work and entertainment rig. Looking at some of those calculations, I could make anywhere from $3 (1 GPU) to $32 (8 GPU) per day in profit. Which could fully fund a Roth IRA or HSA, or could pay itself off in 8-11 months at current coin prices.

Disclaimer: All of these figures are either what I was able to mine or uses current pricing and rates for projections. Past results are not indicative of future results. Your results may vary depending on hardware, pool choice, and cryptocurrency. None of the information here should be seen or used as advice or instruction.

“Training” week 12 & 13

So…. I’ve been slacking because typing has been rather difficult. I had an accident at work, which crushed 3 of the fingers on my left hand, so I have not been able to have sessions with my trainer. I have however, been focusing on my legs and core. Luckily I technically didn’t fracture anything, but I bruised my bones in my Index, Middle and Ring fingers right between the fingernails and first knuckle. Grabbing, typing and generally using that hand has been annoyingly difficult.

I’m still doing my job, but it takes a lot longer, especially since I am left handed. My signature at urgent care looked like a toddler was scribbling in crayon. Things have been healing pretty well and Should be back at it in a couple weeks. Lets hope all of this focus on core and legs pays off so I cant stop being so lacking in the core department.

August 2021 Review

August was a month of slacking and falling behind. I got so busy with life and work that I stopped tracking my spending and eating. Especially the eating. I’m actually surprised I didn’t gain more. Working fairs and festivals meant a lot of deep fried food and sitting around. I would have actually been + $2,500ish if I didn’t eat terrible fair food and actually planned and didn’t spend out of boredom. Next month will have play catch up.

It is amazing how even though I have been pretty religious about exercising, that food still is the big driver of weight loss and management.

The Pulled pork poutine was still worth it. 2 pounds of fries, cheese curds, pulled pork, gravy, and bbq sauce. 10/10, would recommend.

Total Assets: $58,166.06
Total Liabilities: -$38,569.45
Net Worth: $19,596.61
Monthly Change:+$1,349.96
YTD change:+$8,868.23

Weight: 187.2lbs
Monthly Change:+2.7lbs
YTD Change:+2.0 lbs

Training- Week 12

The day after my last session, we get a call from the local sportsball team about setting up lights around an NFL sized practice field. Let me tell you I had over 30,000 steps the first day and 25,000 the second day. Pushing cases through astro turf is possibly the worst thing in the world. On top of that, there is no airflow in this indoor field so I was sweating so much I could hardly keep up drinking to not be dehydrated. and I was incredibly sore form the previous training session.

This week, I was still feeling sore from the 3 days of constant struggle which made it much more fun. Mentally, I’m struggling because I’m seeing gains with my arms and legs but my gut hasn’t really done anything. Weight-wise, I’m putting on weight, but my waistline hasn’t moved. A friend recommended Noom to get me to lose weight (he lost over 150lbs during the pandemic. I plan on signing up today to give it a shot.

Training- Week 11

This week my trainer tried something different. Started with 2 exercises, Squats+Curls, and Tri pulldowns. and every set, we’d add another exercise. The last time my legs felt this much like jelly it was when I played hockey and at a practice after an embarrassing loss (right after the movie Miracle came out), our coach made us do suicides for the entire hour of practice.

It whooped my ass, well my legs. and I’ll definitely feel it tomorrow, but I kind of like this pile-on kind of workout. it keeps it changing, even though I’m essentially doing the same exercises.

With a week of being home every night, I’ve had better success with exercising ever day and I’m feeling like I’m starting to see results.

Training- Week 10

After the finish of my 10 week-pack of sessions, I’m doing another 10 weeks. I’m starting to see physical results as well as mental results. I feel stronger, have less pain, and am feeling more confident.

This week I finally felt like my core is making progress and it didn’t give out. The next big task is working on my shoulders and grip. We’ve talked about adding cardio to my routine, but due to my awful allergies, My chest has been so tight even with taking double doses of claritin. I’ve always been afraid to run in the past because my knees have been so awful, but now knowing that my problems have been mainly because of a lack of support, I think I’m ready to start running. I can’t wait until the trees, flowers and wildfires decide to chill out.

July 2021 Review

July was a crazy busy month. And I’ll definitely see the gains in a couple weeks when my July per diem check hits my bank. That’ll be an extra $600 I wasn’t planning on having. Granted some of that paid for meals while on the road. but I tried my hardest not to go out to eat or eat fair food because well money and it’s not healthy to eat deep fried everything.

I’ve been working on trying to exercise in the hotel rooms as I am on the road and let me tell you, it is not that easy. I tried carrying resistance bands, a 20lb kettlebell, and a couple other tools, but at the end of the day, I was able to get the best workout on site at gigs. Lots of heavy stuff to lift and use.

Total Assets: $55,567.07
Total Liabilities: -$37,320.42
Net Worth: $18,246.65
Monthly Change:+$1,464.13
YTD change:+$7,518.27

Weight: 184.5lbs
Monthly Change:-0.6lbs
YTD Change:-0.7 lbs

Training- Week 9

Remember how I said that last week I was starting to feel close to being even in all of my workouts? This week we found that I’ve been slacking on my obliques. A lot. Going to focus on that as much as possible this week. I really hate feeling let down by just one area. Especially my core because its the one place I can’t see physically working because I still have a bit of a gut. I’m a visual person so I get a little “out of sight out of mind” issues with my core. I can see my biceps, triceps, quads, and calves all working so I know how things are with them. My core is still a bit of a mystery.

A side goal of the general goal of getting in shape is to lose the gut, but knowing how much I love chocolate and sugar, that will be a much longer goal. Especially when the people at catering are so generous in their servings at the gigs I’m working.

Training- Week 8

I know I missed a couple of weeks, but that was planned. I was gigging like crazy and was out of town for most of the last 2 weeks. But that did not stop me from getting workouts in. I’ve definitely had to get creative with some hotels having closed their gyms due to covid restrictions, which is understandable. I find hotel room floors to be disgusting, so I had to get creative with some of my exercises. Mainly planks and stretches. I still carry my 20lb kettlebell with me, which I’m sure the people in the room below me are thrilled about.

This week was the first time I felt like I’m starting to even out. The core is still my weakest, but it didn’t really hold me back too much like it has in the past.

I’ve caught myself lifting with my back a couple of times and to much confusion to the people around me, I literally say “with your legs not your back” out loud. I get weird looks. I’m used to it at this point.