March 2023 review

This month, my investments stayed, more or less, the same. Which means that I’ve been ab le to Throw $1,300+ at my debt this month, which my bare minimum payments add up to $460.05, so I am almost paying 3X my payments to tackle debt! My highest interest debt is now 6.95% so I have the internal debate of, “do I keep crushing debt, or do I save the excess for a house?” Keep in mind that I already shove anywhere from $200-500/month into savings to get my emergency fund up, but even that is close to my 6 months, So I’m starting to push more towards the “save for a house” mode.

Due to the medical issues my wife is having, I’m not cooking for the both of us, and I have gotten lazy. It is 100% my fault and responsibility. It’s just so easy to throw in a frozen pizza, or pick something up on the way home. So I’m going to start tracking my food intake via fitbit, so I can keep a better handle on my calories in. It didn’t help that my work has been pretty slow and easy so I haven’t been putting in my daily steps or really doing much physically besides just exist. With the warmer weather coming, I am waking up earlier to get a short 20 minute walk in before I go to work, and I am pushing myself to do more active things.

March 2023 Food Spending: $540.36

Total Assets: $75,943.77
Total Liabilities: -$35,170.82
Net Worth: $40,772.95
Monthly Change:+$1,328.44
YTD change:+$7,040.16

Weight: 205.2lbs
Monthly Change:-0.8lbs
YTD Change:+12.8lbs


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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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