December/ Year End 2022

December was definitely a range of emotions and surprises. This is the first Holiday season without my Grandfather and Aunt as they both passed in early 2022, so I tried to eat my grief, and I’ll let you in on a secret, cookies don’t make you less sad. That was also coupled with a thrown out back for my entire holiday break, so I couldn’t move for 5 days without excessive pain.
On the positive side, I got the raise I asked for of $10,000 and since we were in a financial pickle at work because of some legislation that could have really messed up our taxes, My boss gave me my bonus this year to basically retroactively get me to what I asked for, and then some. Basically I asked for a $10,000 raise in August, and I got a $10,000 bonus. Which is nuts for someone who isn’t a salesperson or project manager. I am lucky to work for a unicorn in my industry.

I have started up my yoga routine again now that I’m cleared for active duty again and am actively working to get rid of the weight I gained during last year and then some.
My wife and I found that she struggles to digest heavier meats, so we have been finding healthier alternatives to some of our favorites, which so far looks like we should be saving money on our grocery bill as well as saving our waistlines.

Goals for 2023
Get food spending down to $400/month
Cut expenses by $100/month
Save $8,000-10,000 for house
Get rid of 2 debts (1 Credit card, 1 Private student Loan, Total ~6,000)
Work on creating a side hustle
Get under 180lbs
Be able to touch hands flat on the floor with legs straight
Net Worth: $50,000
Read 10 Books

Stretch Goal 2023
Pay off Private student loans ($12,000)
Target weight 160
Pay off Federal Loans (Pending Supreme Court Decision)
Debt Free ($40,484.62, 30,484.62 w/o federal loans)
Net Worth: $60,000
Read 20 Books

December 2022 Food Spending: $632.27

Total Assets: $74,581.41
Total Liabilities: -$40,848.62
Net Worth: $33,732.79
Monthly Change:+$13,055.47
YTD change:+$2,310.46

Weight: 198.2lbs
Monthly Change:+6.8lbs
YTD Change:+0.2lbs


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