November 2022 Review

This month has been a more relaxed month for me. Only 4 show days, not including the 3 weeks of daily rehearsals for my freelance lighting design for a high school production of ‘Bring It On: The Musical’. Luckily it has forced me to plan my lunch and dinner to be on the go so I’ve actually saved a decent amount on my food budget. Plus adding this side gig is making me $750 for my work and my students are good enough that I spent maybe 10 hours programming and they run everything, so I’m basically babysitting the lights they rented from my employer and solving problems as they arise. Easy money that I’ll be throwing all at debt so my end of year should be just that much sweeter. My goal is to be able to have knocked out almost $10,000 of debt this year which is 20% of my pre-tax pay, and almost 30% of my take home.

I have gained a pound this month, but I weigh myself every day and it wasn’t until the rehearsals went late and the parent volunteers fed us that I pigged out. Almost nothing was healthy, but I’m too polite to say no. And midwestern parents can be very persuasive about their food. I was weak. I probably would have gain more if I didn’t have the stomach flu from the day before Thanksgiving until the following Saturday. I was sad that I didn’t get to eat all of the good food.

November 2022 Food Spending: $416.45

Total Assets: $60,565.97
Total Liabilities: -$39,888.65
Net Worth: $20,677.32
Monthly Change:+$345.27
YTD change:-$10,745.01

Weight: 191.4lbs
Monthly Change:+1.3lbs
YTD Change:-6.6lbs


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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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