October 2022 Review

This month, my investments stayed about even from last month, so the increase in net worth is from watching ,y spending and paying down debt! I did spend a lot on going out to eat, but I did have a lot of gig that I had to travel for, which is offset by per diem. I think I can squeeze a little bit more to bring my food down to around $400 in November. I might even be able to get below that goal since I have about half the amount of gigs in November than I did in October. And the gigs I am on, feed me so that should drop my spending down.

Even though things are looking up for me on the money side, this is hibernation season. Corporate events, not great weather. It’s desk work season, not physical summer. My drive is super low to work out and my food intake goes up. My wife and I have started doing yoga, which has helped some of my back problems, and should hopefully get me in the mood to exercise more. Its just mentally hard to work out when it is still dark out in the morning.

November Food Spending: $496.32

Total Assets: $60,741.05
Total Liabilities: -$40,409.00
Net Worth: $20,332.05
Monthly Change:+$1,436.42
YTD change:-$11,090.28

Weight: 190.1lbs
Monthly Change:-0.1lbs
YTD Change:-7.9lbs


Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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