September 2022 Review

So last month, I went through my spreadsheet and it seems Some new accounts I’ve added were not in my total net worth. I found a retirement account from an old job which shot me up $3,000, but because I was trying to see what the student loan forgiveness would do for me, I forgot to move a couple loans back into the right spot on the ledger. So if you compare my Assets and liabilities from this month to last month, that would be why.

I was able to cut my food spending a bit. Mainly because I’m no longer working fairs and festivals where a bottle of water is $6. I’m into the corporate and indoor concert season, so it is much easier to pack food and not go out to eat several meals a day.

I have been able to use the personal loan I got last month to knock out some of the higher interest debt, which is saving me $300/month just in interest. If the loan forgiveness comes through, I should be able to throw over $2,500/month at debt and hopefully be debt free by Christmas 2023. And that doesn’t include if I throw bonuses and per diem towards, it will be even sooner.

I’m going to work on reducing my spending even more this month to see how much lower I can get. My goal is to get food down to below $500/month. Which should be possible during the not summer months.

August Food Spending: $584.68

Total Assets: $62,598.26
Total Liabilities: -$43,702.63
Net Worth: $18,895.63
Monthly Change:-$2,114.45
YTD change:-$12,526.70

Weight: 190.2lbs
Monthly Change:-0.6lbs
YTD Change:-7.8lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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