July 2022 Review

Just a day behind as I was out in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin working a gig. It was almost pre dial up speeds out there so trying to update all of my accounts and get access to my spreadsheet would have been a full time job yesterday.

This month I paid the last of my surgery off! Only to find out that I need to throw another $500 at my teeth because a cavity decided to join the party. I do have to say that I take really good care of my teeth, but genetics is winning the battle on this one. I got my mother’s teeth apparently, and on that side of the family our teeth are like swiss cheese and just love them some cavities.

Due to some lovely pops in my back I’ve focused on starting yoga and lifting less to see if I can let my hamstrings chill out. They’ve been so tight since the first time I threw my back out this year. I’ve also gone between working gigs that are extremely high energy to babysitting gits where I only get out of my chair to get food or because I’m incredibly bored.

Total Assets: $59,918.35
Total Liabilities: -$38,721.67
Net Worth: $21,196.68
Monthly Change:+$1,421.41
YTD change:-$10,225.65

Weight: 191.0lbs
Monthly Change:+0.8lbs
YTD Change:-7.0lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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