June 2022 Review

I know we aren’t technically in a recession right now, but it is starting to feel like it. My retirement portfolio went from $31,000 to $29,000 this month. I also had to pay minimums on all debt this month because I had to drop a little over $2,000 between repairs on my car (new tires, brake pads and rotors), chipped windshield, and new glasses (because they took a 20 foot fall while I was climbing in a truss). Usually I’m pretty consistent with going $2,000 over the minimums each month, but this month was somewhat out of my control. I hit something on the highway with 3 of my tires and blew out 2 of them, and I’ve had these tires 10,000 past the warranty, so they were due.

I have been noticing that my waistline is starting to decrease. I had to drop in a hole on my belt. Which is super exciting. I have been working my ass of this summer including a 19 hour, 35,000 step day last week. If I would just put in the effort to eat healthier, I’d probably be down 10 pounds this month. But the Elephant ear stand that was directly behind me this weekend is very persuasive.

My company went from a 6 figure loss last quarter to, from what I hear, was a massive jump in our second quarter. So I will be asking for a raise and not taking no for an answer.

Total Assets: $58,154.74
Total Liabilities: -$38,379.47
Net Worth: $19,775.27
Monthly Change:-$1,729.27
YTD change:-$11,647.06

Weight: 190.2lbs
Monthly Change:+0.2lbs
YTD Change:-7.8lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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