March 2022 Review

So although it looks like I still made a positive move on my net worth this month, Next month is going to tank around $4,000. Hope fully less. I have to pay for the tonsillectomy I just had. I am extremely grateful for my employer and their kickass insurance. Without insurance this 15 minute procedure and 4ish hour hospital stay would have cost me well over $15,000! Also because of the recovery, at my lowest this month, I was down 12 pounds. I’ve gotten 4 of those back, and I’m working my hardest to keep them off and continue the downward trend.

I realized that I also had some laziness creep. I singed up for Peacock to watch the Olympics. Only $7.99! Well I didn’t cancel in time and got stuck with another month. So I have now cancelled and am definitely getting my eight bucks worth before the end of the next month.

Coming down the pipeline, I’m working on asking for another raise and will document the before, planning and result of my raise request.

Total Assets: $66,178.44
Total Liabilities: -$38,867.30
Net Worth: $27,311.14
Monthly Change:+$621.39
YTD change:-$4,111.19

Weight: 192.0lbs
Monthly Change:-8.0lbs
YTD Change:-6.0lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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