“Training” week 12 & 13

So…. I’ve been slacking because typing has been rather difficult. I had an accident at work, which crushed 3 of the fingers on my left hand, so I have not been able to have sessions with my trainer. I have however, been focusing on my legs and core. Luckily I technically didn’t fracture anything, but I bruised my bones in my Index, Middle and Ring fingers right between the fingernails and first knuckle. Grabbing, typing and generally using that hand has been annoyingly difficult.

I’m still doing my job, but it takes a lot longer, especially since I am left handed. My signature at urgent care looked like a toddler was scribbling in crayon. Things have been healing pretty well and Should be back at it in a couple weeks. Lets hope all of this focus on core and legs pays off so I cant stop being so lacking in the core department.

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