Training- Week 9

Remember how I said that last week I was starting to feel close to being even in all of my workouts? This week we found that I’ve been slacking on my obliques. A lot. Going to focus on that as much as possible this week. I really hate feeling let down by just one area. Especially my core because its the one place I can’t see physically working because I still have a bit of a gut. I’m a visual person so I get a little “out of sight out of mind” issues with my core. I can see my biceps, triceps, quads, and calves all working so I know how things are with them. My core is still a bit of a mystery.

A side goal of the general goal of getting in shape is to lose the gut, but knowing how much I love chocolate and sugar, that will be a much longer goal. Especially when the people at catering are so generous in their servings at the gigs I’m working.

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