June 2021 Review

I have found that getting into camping is a lot more expensive than I originally thought. Granted our version of camping is pseudo glamping because I prefer to bring a decent amount of kitchen gear and comfort items like a good chair and a good but durable knife set. Due to my wife’s germaphobia, we decided not to bring our indoor kitchen equipment into the wild so we had to purchase quite a few things. My biggest score was getting a backpacking stove for almost half off during a sale right before we went on our vacation. normally almost $100, I was able to get it for $55 and change.

I can’t tell if I am gaining muscle or fat because I’ve stepped up my workouts, but I’m eating pretty terribly at my gigs. Granted the option I had at the country music festival I was at a couple weeks ago my options were burgers, brats, and fried food that was way overpriced. And that is totally on me. I failed to plan ahead and bring my own food which not only showed up on my bathroom scale, it also hit me hard in the wallet. I spent about $18/day just for lunch and dinner. I know I should have planned ahead but it is so easy to be lazy when you pull 4- 18 hours days in a row and don’t have bread in the house to at least make sandwiches.

This week, I am on my game and don’t have the luxury of the hotel breakfast because of covid protocols, but I have brought my own healthy snacks. Plus I don’t have to be on site for my shows until noon so I have all morning to workout and not pig out on fried foods.

Total Assets: $53,889.44
Total Liabilities: -$37,106.92
Net Worth: $16,782.52
Monthly Change:+$1,250.27
YTD change:$6,054.14

Weight: 185.1lbs
Monthly Change:+0.5lbs
YTD Change:-0.1 lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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