Training- Week 7

For once my core wasn’t my weak point. I mean I still struggled, but it wasn’t a train driving off a cliff kinda bad. My left knee (which is the less screwed up of the 2) decided it didn’t feel like participation was necessary during lunge curls. I might have fallen a couple times.

I’ve been able to get more workouts in this week on my own. Let’s hope I can continue that while I go out on gigs this week. My only worry is the hotel we are staying at still has the “pool and fitness center hours may be reduced or eliminated due to the pandemic” and there’s only so much I can do in a hotel room without bringing weights and all of my equipment. Plus all of that and my clothes won’t fit in a carry on. I will try my hardest to be creative. Maybe I can put some sandbags on the packlist for my show and do some exercises while I am bored between acts.

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