Personal Trainer–Gap week

This week I have been out of town on gigs, so I have not been able to fit in an appointment with my trainer. So I’ve been on my own as it comes to exercise. I know food-wise, I have slacked. Working a few corporate gigs as well as a country festival means good catering and as much fried foods asyou could imagine. I am a glutton when it come to funnel cake and elephant ears. I tried my hardest but being around hundred of other people filling their faces with fried food, I caved.

On the exercise front, I have had the time to put in an hour of workouts every morning as well as adding in a few load ins, shows and load outs. Some of those were countered with hours of sitting behind a light board listening to the same covers of popular country songs and being glued to my chair. I might have gotten some naps in between bands too.

Looking forward to the rest of the summer, I need to make excuses to get out of my very comfy gig chair and hammock to go do something. The amount of sitting around waiting for things to happen (sometimes 3+ hours) is way too much. By the time the headliner goes on I’m on the brink of falling asleep from boredom. I need to be more motivated to even just walk around the fairgrounds or something.

The good news is that I have noticed that even after 3 days of constant physical work, I’m not as exhausted or sore as I used to be before I started learning how to properly use my body. The real test will be when I get to my next big corporate gig where it’ll be 12+ hours on my feet, on concrete.

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