Training- Week 5

During the week last week, I had a case lid at work decide it would be a good idea to slam down on my wrist. Nothing serious happened but I was pretty bruised going into my training session. So we got to focus on my core and legs.

My core is slowly starting to build up. It is definitely my weak point, so I have made an effort to focus on that on my own. It became very obvious that I’m not pushing myself hard enough because just half of a session focusing on my core was brutal. Definitely going to push even harder on my own.

Surprisingly my legs felt great. Learning early on that I roll my ankles in because my posture was lazy has finally paid off. Normally after a day of work my knees would be destroyed. Now that they are being properly supported, I had zero, yes ZERO, knee pain. The rest of my muscles felt the burn, but I was expecting to be unable to walk after that many squats, lunges, and shuffles.

I am constantly reminding myself and correcting my bad posture. I never realized how much I abuse my body just by being lazy. So 2 things to work on this week, core and posture.

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