May 2021 Review

This month flew by. I was so busy I barely had time to sit down a look at my life and how it was going. I did increase my debt load because I wasn’t being diligent with my finances and I may have just swiped cards without realizing it. I also realized that waking up early doesn’t mean I can stop for fast food breakfast just because I am up. To fix this, I have a post it in my car that says, “You’re not hungry, just bored” and for the last 2 weeks I have been keeping myself from spending $8/day on food that isn’t good for me.

Being 4 weeks into my first 10 weeks with my personal trainer, I think I have been gaining the muscles I don’t use which is offsetting my weight loss. The real goal of my weight loss is to not just be thinner, but healthier and as far as I know, there is no score for overall health that can be easily measured. I wish there was because right now I feel like I’m finally in the middle. I’m not sore, I get winded less (minus allergy issues, damn trees and flowers), and I haven’t been feeling as destroyed after a 12 hour day of setting up gear.

Total Assets: $51,780.50
Total Liabilities: -$36,248.15
Net Worth: $15,532.35
Monthly Change:+$559.77
YTD change:$4,803.97

Weight: 184.6lbs
Monthly Change:-0.5lbs
YTD Change:-0.4 lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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