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Three weeks ago I had a consultation with a personal trainer. My change in jobs is giving me less physical activity and I know that I will blow up like a balloon if i don’t have a rock solid plan set out before me. I’ve also noticed that I am less flexible than I should be. I want to be able to touch my toes (haven’t been able to do that since high school), and I’d love to be able to do the splits again (not since I was 12). I’d also like to see where I am severely lacking.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Week 1-
An apple core is stronger than mine. All these years I’ve been using my back to do the heavy lifting. I apparently heard the whole “Lift with your legs, not your back” as” Lift with your——-back”. Muscles I didn’t know my core had are on fire.

Week 2-
Remember when planking was all the rage and people were lying face down to be cool. Yeah that’s not the same kind of planks I’ve been doing. Longest plank so far 23 seconds. Also I haven’t been using my glutes, like ever. Working my job now doesn’t have me randomly sore because I’m actually using muscles and not just sheer force of will.

Week 3-
Remember the whole lift with your back thing? now lets work on your upper body. Wait where are your triceps and shoulders in general? I have now found them and they hurt a lot. Also let’s randomly start running, that’s a good idea (insert ALL of the tree pollen that you are severely allergic to) NOT!

Stay tuned until my 10 week program is done.
Points for whoever guesses the muscle I didn’t know I had next week.

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2 thoughts on “Personal trainer

  1. I love this post! I have been training—officially—since 2004, but honestly since about 1996. It’s nice to see how the training unfolds week-by-week from a client’s perspective.


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