Wasting time

Last week I created a spreadsheet so I could track my time in 15 minute increments to see how often my time is being misused. Turns out a lot. I created a spreadsheet where I could categorize 15 minute chunks of time. My categories were, Sleep, Veg (tv, mindless phone usage), Work, Commute, Side Hustle, Learning, Chores, meaningful activities (playing games, time with my wife, etc), Exercise, and Time I spend getting ready.

My largest category was sleep and following right behind that was work. Tied for third was Vegging and Meaningful Activities. I spent almost 23 hours of my week doing mindless crap like scrolling through social media, watching videos. And only half an hour on Side Hustles. Although I think once I finish with my bookkeeping program, I’ll be able to devote 10-15 hours a week to side hustle territory.

After seeing the numbers, that do not lie, I was able to drastically change how I spent my free time. Obviously sleep and work are kind of locked in on a weekly basis. However it may fluctuate. But I went from that nearly 23 hours vegging to just under 10. I think I can get that down to 5 or less. Now that I’m back in my production job, I don’t have to be at work until 10 (although I show up early so I can leave early to get some errands and chores done before dinner). So with the extra 4 hours of time since I still wake up with the sun, I would usually sit on my phone in bed. I’ve forced myself to change that from vegging to exercise, which is leaps and bounds better for me.

I’m going to add to my 2021 goals to get my average veg time down to 5 hours a week. I think it will be difficult especially on show days where I have several hours of sitting around waiting for the show to start. But I will always make sure I have a book (physically, or digitally), a hefty to-do list, or something productive with me at all times. I can’t afford to waste time. With an extra 15-18 hours a week, I should even be able to add another side hustle, or focus on writing more.

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