February 2021 Review

I am grinding it out. after a bit of poor management of myself in January, I made it up and then some in February. I’m getting closer to what I want to lose weight wise and If I can keep tackling debt like I did last month, I should be in a good place by the end of the end of the year. Although my goal is to be free of consumer and education debt, I’ve been lucky to have all of my interest rates under 8%. My private student loans are a variable rate and I’ve seen them as high as 10%, but they are current under 5%. I’m trying to crush that debt as fast as I can, even though it is not the highest rate. I’ve decided to stop paying my federal loans pending what the current administration is going to do about them, which will let me tackle my consumer debt and private loans harder. Even if we don’t get any loan forgiveness, I think I’ll hang onto my less than 3% federal loans so I can save up for a house. I’m starting to see the trend that rents are starting to skyrocket in my area and housing prices are starting to bubble. I want to be in a position of strength when the bubble pops so I can swoop in and maybe even get a multi family property and house hack.

I’m happy but sad that the weather is getting nicer. Happy because that means I can do more running and tennis and other outdoor activities. I’m definitely sad because we never got a long enough freeze to get good outdoor ice rinks for pond hockey. Gotta start running again.

Total Assets: $47,050.68
Total Liabilities: -$35,942.77
Net Worth: $11,107.91
Monthly Change:$1,062.86
YTD change:$379.53

Weight: 184.8 lbs
Monthly Change: -0.3 lbs
YTD Change:-0.3 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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