January 2021 Review

Well 2021 started and things didn’t magically get better. I wonder why people always put some much weight on the start of a new year. “New year, new me…” More like “New year, new gym membership I’ll go to maybe 3 times and forget I had it and ended up paying tons just because…”. I have fallen victim to that trap a couple times but this year I didn’t. However, January has always been a time of yearly expenses. Amazon prime renews, my NHL Gamecenter Live payment showed up with the return of the season, I had to finish paying for my tuition for the program I’m taking, and a few other yearly expenses hit. Now it isn’t almost $700 worth of expenses, but with all of the commotion in the stock market and media lately, my investments have been on the shakiest rollercoaster. Last week I hit some good highs and lows, but I’m still keeping the course.

The weather has been not fun this month. it has either been so cold or wet that running isn’t an option or safe for that matter. I tried running one day at work when I was behind and almost ate asphalt. I have started to cut down on sugary things, mainly because we found that our neighbors who moved out earlier this month, we feeding a whole mess of ants, and when the food dried up, they came in full force to our apartment. I should have taken a picture of the amount of ants piled up in the ant trap, it had to be in the hundreds. So while they slowly die, keeping the foods they like away is a must. plus that should help me a little bit with the ol’ belly.

On the Covid front, My old job acquired a second round of PPP loans, and they feel that if things keep going right for the vaccines, we’ll be back for concerts and events this summer. We finally got the call back to work. However, I have to see how flexible my FedEx boss will actually be in this transition. If he isn’t willing to wean me off of his employ, I’ll have to fill in the missing 25% of my income with delivery apps. I know the math shows that I can live off of 75% of my salary, but I really want this debt to be gone by the end of the year. I don’t think I am going to crush my federal loans just yet. I’m going to wait out the political atmosphere to see if some might be forgiven. Plus no interest until September now.

Total Assets: $46,283.88
Total Liabilities: -$36,238.83
Net Worth: $10,045.05
Monthly Change:-$683.33
YTD change:-$683.33

Weight: 185.1 lbs
Monthly Change: -0.1 lbs
YTD Change:-0.1 lbs

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