November End of Month Review


I’ve put on a ton more workload since the holidays are approaching. I now work 6 day weeks with 12 hour days. Seeing that my life is now working and sleeping, I rarely have time to write and track my life weekly. Plus the only interesting thing in my daily life is the dogs I get to interact with on my route. Also the Semi driving job didn’t work out for many reasons. So I’m back with Fedex.

Now that I’m back at my old job, I’m so busy I don’t have time to waste money on shopping or food or fun things. Plus I get a bonus for working 6 days a week plus an extra money for going that extra day.

In the last month my credit card company raised my rate from the 10% I had negotiated back to the 23% standard rate. I tried talking it back down, but they wouldn’t let me. So I am going to follow through on my threat and I applied for a loan from my credit union to lower my rate and hopefully fast track my debt payoff. I have $8,000 to go, and with all of the money I’m making now, I should have that paid off in no time.

The market has also bounced back pretty well for me in the last month making my graph look like a hockey stick. I’m hoping that if I get this loan, that I can knock out my debt, including my private student loans, by this coming summer. I’m going to hold onto my federal loans just in case some politicians decide to do some sort of forgiveness. Plus my highest interest on the federal loans is 4% but my private loans get up to 8%. And I’ve also been paying the minimum payments during the pandemic freeze.

The not so good news is the slowdown of my weight loss. Working for a week as a semi driver made me gain 4 pounds. for 13 hours a day I was just sitting in a seat maybe doing a couple thousand steps a day and because I was doing this 5 days a week, I didn’t have much off time to go workout or be physical. So now I’m playing catch up for the 4 pounds I gained. In trying to lose those 4 pounds I gained in that week, I tried soylent to try and keep the intake down. Turns out that my body has an issue with that and I think I may be allergic to something in that which made for a very uncomfortable day. Not trying shortcuts anymore. Just good old fashioned hard work and not buying delicious but awful snacks.

Total Assets: $44,501.39
Total Liabilities: -$34,278.82
Net Worth: $10,222.57
Monthly Change:+$3,255.72
YTD change:+$15,634.64

Weight: 180.2 lbs
Monthly Change: -1.6 lbs
YTD Change:-25.3 lbs

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