End of Week Review 11/1/2020

This week the stock market took a dip which is the downside to doing these weekly check-ins. Who knows maybe today everything will bounce back and the $500 dip in my net worth will all be back. Or it could get worse. Still not going to touch that money. I am still going to invest my weekly amount to get that dollar cost averaging on the way in. Luckily I get to buy low due to the dip.

I’m back on track with losing weight. My only fear is that I have once again changed jobs and now will be driving Truck around the Midwest. So a lot less active work life. With the new job, I work for 4 days, and then have 4 days off. I’m home every night, but they’ll be 12 hour days. I have to keep myself motivated to be active and eat less. Luckily I won’t have to stop at a truck stop to fuel up unless I want to stop. So snacking will be at a minimum. I’ll stuck with my trusty old PB&J sandwich and granola.

Total Assets: $41,972.22
Total Liabilities: -$34,444.72
Net Worth: $6,966.85
Weekly Change:-$560.65
Monthly Change:+$66.11
YTD change:+$12,378.92

Weight: 181.8 lbs
Weekly Change: -0.2 lbs
Monthly Change: +4.1 lbs
YTD Change:-23.7 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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