End of Week Review 7/17/2020

Can’t have a positive without a negative. My phone died and I had to fork over $600 to get a new one. But. But. BUT! Instead of paying down some credit card debt, I paid off my car. I ran the numbers and found that having the extra $300/ month to tackle debt with would give me a better short term advantage in paying off debt. I also was able to add my wife to me car insurance which dropped our payments down a considerable amount. I was paying $92/month and she was paying $60/month. Adding her car on only added $25/month to the payment. And once we saw how that broke down, I’m actually saving $20/month on my car insurance. Still stupid phone deciding that it didn’t want to phone anymore.

Weight-wise, I will fully admit that I was a lazy piece of work this week. I still did all the physical activity for work, but I sat my ass down on the couch the second I got home. Still making progress but not as much as I’d like. Maybe I should throw away the couch and then I wouldn’t have a couch to sit on…

Total Assets: $39,114.27
Total Liabilities: -$34,856.77
Net Worth: $4,257.50

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Change: -0.6 lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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