End of Week Review 7/11/2020

The heat wave finally broke! I was only mildly sweating my ass off at work. I also have a new best doggo friend. He’s a golden retriever who is ancient and blind. When he hears my truck pull up he starts waddling with his bad hips towards me. I get close to him and he bumps into me. He then pushes against me for guidance as we walk to the front door and I give him several treats and scratches. When I go to leave he whines and cries until he find his way to his bed on the front porch, where he lays down to watch the days go by.

Anyways, I got my lump sum payout from the remainder of my old job’s PPP loan. So that’s where my jump in 3k came from. And all that money will crush a good chunk of the remaining credit card debt I have.

Total Assets: $41,042.74
Total Liabilities: -$36,797.36
Net Worth: $4,245.38

Weight: 181.0 lbs
Change: -1.5 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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