End of Week Review 6/5/2020


I hit a positive net worth this week! The market has rallied back some money to me and on top of that, I’m almost half way paid down on my credit cards!. Only a little over $8,000 to go. And I’m looking to have that gone hopefully before thanksgiving, or maybe Halloween if I can play my cards right.

My boss asked me where I see myself in 5 years if my old job doesn’t make it through the coronavirus problem. Which for the live entertainment industry, is a very real worry. I joked and said, “Probably 33 years old, and probably still working”. At this point I have no reason to find another job unless something much much better comes along. Right now I work 6 days a week, but have the option to work 5 day weeks. Average day is between 8 and 9 hours. I’m definitely fine with working 6 days a week at this point because even though everyone is out not practicing social distancing from what I’ve seen lately, my wife and I are still acting as if the “safer at home” order our governor had originally put into place was still a thing. Sadly a lawsuit from some other politicians gave that an abrupt end to the shutdown.

I do wish my truck, with over half a million miles on it, at least had a fan or the ability to adjust the heater. Instead I either need to drive faster with the doors open, or blast heat from the fires of Mt. Doom.

Total Assets: $37,011.74
Total Liabilities: -$36,196.81
Net Worth: $814.93

Weight: 188.0 lbs
Change: +0.1 lbs

Published by personalfixerupper

An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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