End of Week Review 5/15/2020

This week was a lot of spending and not eating well. I’ll admit it. I was lazy and now am seeing the aftermath of choosing to be lazy with my choices. I ate way too much bad stuff and since the state of Wisconsin is now opened up, I stocked up on a lot of essentials while we go through a second wave of this virus. So all of my paycheck this week minus the $29.14 went to preparing to not go anywhere besides work for the next couple weeks while this unfolds.

I’m still somewhat nursing my ankle and by nursing I mean eating a lot more Peanut Butter M&M’s than I really should. I made sure that when I went grocery shopping, that I didn’t get junk and sugar. Lets hope I can make up for lost time next week.

As a complete side note, I’ve come to the realization that I need a respirator for work. Not for coronavirus, but for my allergies. With how much country driving I’m doing and how much dust is being thrown into the air by plows and just general wind, I need a ventilator that I can actually use. So I’m designing my own “powered filter” using a small computer fan, make up pads and a small usb power bank. I’m currently in the sketching phase so it may be a couple weeks. The idea is to use makeup pads as a filter, and the fan will force air in, keeping me from getting too hot in the warmer weather, and allowing me to be active. Right now, I’m debating between making it an all in one capsule, or having a fanny pack box with a hose going from the filtration unit to the mask. For those who are interested, I’m using a respirator that I already have sitting around from when I had to remove theatrical lights from a middle school that has asbestos insulation on the wires. The cartridges are toast, but I just need to 3d print the connection point.

Total Assets: $33,811.34
Total Liabilities: -$37,223.68
Net Worth: -$3,412.34

Weight: 191 lbs
Change: +1.0 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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