End of Week Review 5/8/2020

Winner winner chicken dinner. SO In the chaos of hiring new people, My boss and I both forgot about the direct deposit form while I filled out the new hire paperwork. So I got 2 weeks of back pay today and my investments are seeing more recovery.

I would probably have lost another 2 pounds on top of the 2 I lost this week if I didn’t stop at a gas station for lunch every day and pick up Peanut Butter M&Ms. Trying my hardest but I also feel bad for using the gas station’s bathroom without buying anything. I have now put a note on my truck’s windshield that just says “NO!” and when I go to grab my wallet from the shelf above, I have to look at it. Yesterday, I semi-rolled my ankle on someone’s “artisan sidewalk” (translates to, they found a bunch of uneven rocks and called that the path to their door). Looks like I won’t be running for a little bit. But the good news is that I had to ask my boss for the size down of shorts and pants because the ones I originally asked for are now too big and keep falling on me. And if I tighten the belt, the fabric buckles and as I found out, it can buckle right where the blood flows to your leg and when you sit your whole leg falls asleep making you look like the new Fedex Igor from Young Frankenstein. “Walk this way…”

Total Assets: $36,244.97
Total Liabilities: -$39,686.45
Net Worth: -$3,441.48

Weight: 190.2 lbs
Change: -2.2 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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