Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode 7: The Sleep Schedule Awakens

After being on graveyard shift, I’m finally a morning person again. I get 6 days a week with Fedex. Although it is really 5 and a half days since Saturdays are pretty much half days with the lighter load. I know that I’ve only been at my new job for a week and a half, but I can’t believe how much I missed working days.

The new job has taught me a lot so far, like make sure you have dog treats for those dogs who don’t like you but can be bought with treats. I almost got bit by a little fluffy dog on my first day. She dog a bite into my pant leg, but missed my leg but just barely. I’ve also learned that some people don’t believe in having their house number on their mailbox or house and that makes life a lot more difficult.

I am definitely not used to having a set schedule. I work Monday-Saturday and am usually home by or before 5 every day I work. I actually can plan my life and really get into my new hobby. The downside is that my wife has picked up a job at a grocery store being an online shopper and to avoid any unnecessary exposure, she has opted to work the early morning shifts. Meaning she works 8 hour shifts starting at 2 or 3 in the morning. So once again our shifts aren’t lining up, but we at least know when we can see each other.

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