End of Week Review 4/24/20

This new job is really getting me into shape. Dropping almost 4 pounds this week feels awesome. However I realized that with buying a 3D printer, comes the need to buy expendables. I have so many things I want to print and seeing that everyone who is stuck home with a 3D printer is buying filament, A lot is being delayed. So over the next couple of weeks my filament and accessories should be trickling in.

I am really hoping that because the market is so low right now, that If I keep contributing to my retirement account, that at the end of this thing, I’ll finally be in the black with my net worth and as long as Coronavirus is still an issue, I’ll keep getting in shape, eating less, and getting closer to my ideal weight, which is somewhere between 155-165 lbs. The hardest part will be once life gets back to normal, I will have to work extra hard to keep from slipping into my old ways and being fat and lazy again. I recently downloaded an app for my grocery store (Pick ‘n Save) and they give you a score based on what you buy. I think they choose their score scale just like the DMV chooses their numbering system but all I know is that the number is green on a scale of red to green. Green being good. Apparently a 600 is a good baseline. I just hit 415. Now it is barely in the green, but it shows me what foods I buy that are hurting my score and what is helping so I can make better decisions.

Here’s to hoping things get back to normal.

Total Assets: $35,012.96
Total Liabilities: -$39,672.45
Net Worth: -$4,569.49

Weight: 193.0 lbs
Change: -3.8 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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