End of Week Review 4/17/20 (delayed)

Another week of double(-ish) pay and finding a more active job. This week I started at Fedex and I wouldn’t say it’s kicking my ass entirely, but I definitely come home with my ass dragging almost an inch form the ground. And because I went from 3rd shift to 1st, I totally forgot what day it is and forgot to post my weekly review.

Being much more active and just generally busy with the new job, I don’t have time to snack which is helping me lose weight and that also means that I’ll be spending less on food. Back to the same PB&J for lunch that I had in all of my childhood life. Plain, boring, but filling.

Seeing that most package delivery companies are swamped worse than the holidays, every day is a constant running grind. On extra busy days, I’m literally running to the doors and back to the truck because we only have so much daylight before the day is over. I’m glad I started running before this all happened. I’m at least in some sort of shape.

Total Assets: $34,505.42
Total Liabilities: -$39,624.65
Net Worth: -$5,119.23

Weight: 196.8 lbs
Change: -1.2 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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