Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode 6: Return of the Driver

Starting on Friday I’m no longer working at the grocery store on 3rd shift. I’ll go straight from my last shift into my first shift driving for Fedex within an hour of finishing the previous job. I’m back on the day shift baby!

Usually I’d dread doing a repetitive job like delivery, but after having my body and mind reject the graveyard shift, I’m happy to see the sun again in its normal situation. Not just as it is rising or keeping me from getting my much needed sleep. From a few of my former coworkers who are in this position has told me, this is a semi active job. So I’ll have to get around to creating my Coronavirus workout.

With the tons of downtime I’ve had compared to my pre-corona quarantine life, I’ve cleaned out my garage and surprisingly, There is plenty of room to actually workout even after I built a workbench for my new 3D printer.

With this new job, I’ll be starting out just below what I was already making at my previous job, but I was told they give raises regularly so short term I’ll be fine. I just hope my furlough on the previous job will keep the health insurance on as long as they can. That or I could move to Canada like my wife and I have joked about many, many times.

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