End of Week Review 4/10/2020

This week was quite the surge for my finances. I got paid from my previous job seeing as they are riding an SBA loan/grant and from the grocery store. So I got paid double what I normally did. My investments bounced back by quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve seen my total debts be below $40,000. As long as I keep getting double the paycheck, I’m attacking the credit card debt like mad. I’m getting 3 more double pay periods so I should be able to get that down another $3,000-$3,500 which would be huge. Not to mention that I’m debating putting the stimulus check towards my debts. So I could potentially see a positive net worth by as early as August, as long as I play my cards right.

My hours got cut back pretty bad at the grocery store this week which meant more time being a couch potato and eating food I have no right eating. But now that healthy foods are coming back in stock, I’ll be able to actually eat healthy without having to go to several stores. Plus I get the benefit of being able to shop after my shift is done and nobody is in the store. I wish I could grocery shop while being the only one in the store. I can get it done in like 5 minutes flat and not have to wait for any slowpokes or the dreaded check writer.

Trying to stay positive in a world of chaos and worry. I’m just super glad that I’m down to 4 figures of credit card debt now.

Total Assets: $32,913.10
Total Liabilities: -$39,131.39
Net Worth: -$6,218.29

Weight: 198.0 lbs
Change: +0.6 lbs

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An Entertainment Tech's journey to financial freedom, less gut, and inner happiness

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