Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode 5: 3rd Shift Strikes back

After 2 weeks of working 3rd shift stocking shelves, grocery stores have slowed down and things are starting to stay in stock. Which means one thing. My hours got cut in half.

Luckily I have 2 recruiters for separate trucking companies trying to get me on board. I have a phone interview on Tuesday afternoon and depending on how well that goes, I’ll call the second recruiter. Both positions are full time and close to double what I’m making at the grocery store.

Driving truck seems like the better choice financially and health-wise. with Both companines, I’d be home almost every night and a majority of my runs would be “Drop and hook” which means I bring one trailer to a location and pick up another and do runs like that all day. Company A might want me to do multi day runs, which means more money but from what I’ve heard from friends who are currently doing long haul, it sucks. A good deal of these truck stops don’t have open restrooms which makes it very difficult to answer nature’s call. But a lot more money.

I feel bad about leaving the grocery store, especially since they just hired me on, but Only working 20 hours a week, won’t cover my expenses once my original employer has to lay everyone off. As per the SBA loan/grant my employer got, they have to pay everyone at minimum 75% salary for the next 8 weeks. After that is up, They will try to keep us on the payroll as long as they can at a lesser amount to keep benefits running. Once that is all gone, I have to solely rely on whatever my side job becomes. These trucking jobs are full time and I could probably get benefits through them once I lose my health insurance.

After 5 episodes of this, I’ve realized that I need to stop talking about a side hustle and actually do something. All my eggs were in one basket with my full time job, and now that it might be gone, I am scrambling.

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