Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode III: Revenge of the 3rd Shift

Yesterday I started my new job stocking shelves at a grocery store. The swing to 3rd shift definitely was not easy. And my old man knees were definitley barking by the end of the night. I found that there is something so relaxing about doing a physical job that you don’t need a ton of higher brain function. Most of my night was facing product. For those not in the know, facing is when you move product towards the front of the shelf and make sure all of the labels are facing out so the customers can see the labels easier and have quicker access to the products. Once you get in a rythyhm, your brain can just shut off, or you can song along to the 10 songs on repeat blaring through the store’s PA system.

As long as I can keep working this job, I should be able to survive moneywise. My real excitements about this job is that I can’t snack and it is physical work. More calories out, less calories in. I got somewhere around 12,000 steps and had a lot of constant up and down work. So lots of reaching and crouching. about a quarter of my night was like doing squats. I think I’m going to enjoy being a “neck down” for a while.

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