Coronavirus and the Empty Calendar Episode 2: Attack of the Dow Jones

People are freaking out everywhere about Toilet paper, milk, germs, and the market. I see opportunity. Once I know that I can afford to live before the stimulus checks start flying, I’m going to jump at several opportunities. The stock market is on sale, for some reason people aren’t buying Oreos. The world is my oyster.

After I learned that I’ll eventually be furloughed (like laid off but I still get to keep the benefits), I started to look hard at my finances. Even thought I’ll get some residual pay from my main employer, I want to be able to live on the work I do. It is something i pride myself on is that I carry myself. Any extra money will be split between the market and my debt. I know some people would be screaming at me to focus on my debts. The Dow has dropped 9,000 points. And as we have seen time and time again, the markets come back, and usually with gusto. I may be wrong and it may be a bad move. But I’d rather try and find out while sitting on piles of cash. Opportunities like this don’t come often. By all means I am not recommending that anyone listen to my advice. But if I have the money lying around, I might as well use it as a game to see what was the better choice. Really, I am diversifying my extra money. I’ll be paying down debt, and investing, and one or both could be the right answer.

I want my fingers in both pies. Or Oreos. I mean they were on sale and the shelf was full. They were just begging me to take the whole family pack! So much for self control and losing weight. I guess you win Nabisco…

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