Finding the Positive in the Coronavirus Climate

Seeing that my schedule has cleared up and I now have nights and weekends free, I either need to find a new hobby, or work towards creating a side hustle. Like most people I have always dreamed of starting a side hustle and I have always gotten excited when I hear about a new idea, but never actually act on starting. I’m a planner, not a do-er. Now that I have every night and weekend free for the next month, the only excuse I have is laziness.

My ideal side hustle would be owning rental property as semi-passive income, but the requires a decent amount of capital. I don’t have a ton of capital. After learning about how bad things are going to get for my employer, they have asked people to take pay cuts and give people who take the cuts the ability to take jobs elsewhere and still have the health insurance benefits stay on and have a place back at the company when everything is over. So it looks like I’m applying for everything.

Luckily my company does a ton of events for a regional grocery store chain and they are swamped and need drivers, and stockers, and cashiers with all this craze and chaos over toilet paper and apparently carrots (the only vegetable gone at my store). I have applied for multiple jobs and within 10 minutes of applying for the 3rd shift stocking job, I got a call to set up an interview.

This isn’t the dreamy side hustle I was hoping for, but I am going to take a 50% cut in my main pay and probably come out making more than I normally do when I combine the side hustle pay with the half salary. I know that if I get the Class A driving job (Semi’s for those not in the know), I technically would make much more than I do now. But I wouldn’t be happy staying in that position. The statistical side of me says, “Make more money so you can afford to do the things you want”. But the emotional part of me sees doing a higher paying job that doesn’t follow my dreams as a death sentence. Currently the mundane job is a necessity and we all have to make sacrifices from time to time. I know there is an end date to this. I just don’t know when. If my employer makes the right moves, I’ll have a job that I enjoy to come back to.

I hope I’ll get the driving job mainly because it is higher paying. Plus it’ll give me a chance to wear my Winnipeg Jets Trucker hat and not look like an idiot. Well more of an idiot than normal. And if I get the stocker job, I’ll be able to go grocery shopping where there are actually things on the shelves. Either way a small victory.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and make good choices.

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