End of Week Review 3/6/2020

Thanks Coronavirus! Everyone I’ve been talking to at work has been freaking out that the markets are crashing all because of Coronavirus. I’m the opposite. The market has given me a discount on my retirement shares and once this whole thing is over, I’ll be in a better position. Still wish I had more money to dump into the market. With the app, Tip Yourself, I’ve started an opportunity fund that would be perfect to dump into the market, but as I just started it, its only $20. The Best news of all of this downturn is that I’m still chipping away at my debts and not selling any of my investments. Be greedy when others are fearful.

I was a bit surprised this week to see that I only gained 0.1 pound. This week was a lot of desk work and sit and babysitting gigs. This week I had 2 days of a “briefcase gig”. A briefcase gig means that I brought a few tools and did little physical work. I mean I still hit 20,000 steps on those 2 days. But I got to help program lighting for and opera, The Marriage of Figaro. The only workouts I got those days were high speed typing, and walking from the house of the theater to the booth, or stage, or bathroom. You’d be surprised how far you have to walk to really only go a distance of a couple hundred feet. Days like that, I also forget to eat lunch, which I know is not a good thing, but hey I got a lot of work done.

Total Assets: $33,477.87
Total Liabilities: -$42,531.54
Net Worth: -$9,503.67

Weight: 200.7 lbs
Change: +0.1 lbs

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